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QHow could I benefit from your web site?
A.  You may view the site as our 'office.' When fully implemented, I will post news about me, new offerings and personnel changes, among others. We can exchange documents, photographs.  You may also learn about my past projects and achievements, my future plans. Facts about me, perhaps you did not know about. It is easier to send me an E-mail than type a letter, envelop, stamp and then send someone to the post office. You probably get the picture by now.
QDoes it cost me anything?
A.  Absolutely nothing. The site is a service to our customers and suppliers. It is meant to shorten and expedite communications, not to generate extra cost.
QHow do I send you a quick message?
A.  Simply click 'E-mail me' on the top menu bar. Type the questions or comments and then click the 'Send' button. Depending on the nature, and urgency of the message, I will respond quickly, no later then in 24 hours.
QWhat files are you going to have available? How do I get them?
A.  Providing availability, we will post project plans, schedules, hi-resololution photographs. Some may require prior authorization or passwords. To receive those files (download) you proceed to the communication page where a list of available files will be posted and you may start the downloading process (no extra software required.) Your computer is already equipped to view most files. Contact us for further details.

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